One Mile Line

35mm Film Print Series

Project Statement (2015)

For this project, we were asked to use Google Maps to mark a line exactly one mile in length, then physically go to the location and do best to adhere as close to the line as possible, even if this meant going off-road.

On the latter part of the mile-long journey, I discovered a rather curious-looking home. Seemingly abandoned, it was at least three stories tall and had three different ladders leaning against the backside, all the way to the attic. As I approached the ladders, I could see through the windows that there were boxes stacked to the ceilings. In the yard there were piles of wood and debris, a large assortment of strange sculptures, two broken-down boats--junk everywhere.

I became very interested in the possible type of person who would live here, and why they chose to keep certain items. I visited a second time but was ultimately unable to go inside or meet the owners because the building earned a large "CONDEMNED" sign between my visits.